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Hello, I am Christina

I have Bipolar 2

      Life is never easy, We all need to work daily to better ourselves for those around us and for our own Mental Health.  

      We learn lessons daily from the trials and errors we make as kids, teens, young adults and hopefully, eventually as parents.  Yet somehow when we are young, we think we are so ready to grow up, that we can handle being a "grown up."  We see how easy our parents have it, or do they?  Are they hiding behind masks of the sorrows we just cannot see?  


      Then it happens to us, adulthood.  We are left on the step to our first apartment, house or condo wondering how the hell we got here and where do we go from here?


      First steps all over again.  Steps of freedom, no rules, curfews, nagging parents (sorry mom and dad).  We are left to face adulthood head on.  Are all the years of rules, curfews and nagging lectures enough to allow us to stand on our own two feet, solidly?  Will we survive or will we fail?  Will we have money to pay our bills yet still go out to happy hours?  Are we "grown up" to know that parting at 2 am will have the cops called and you have to explain you are the adult of the house.  Can we handle the silence at night, no one to say good night too or tell you you are loved.


     There is only one way to find out.  Unpack girlfriend, you are in for a bumpy ride.


      So here I am 42 years young, surviving with a husband, three kids and a fur baby.  I AM NOT ALONE! Recently diagnosed with Bipolar Depression II, I am attempting to find my way through this jumbled mess inside my own head.  You could say my plate is full, my cup overflows.


      Between the work schedule, nights of practices and games, it's enough to drive any mother a little crazy just trying to find time to go to the bathroom without having her name yelled across the house.


      But I am not alone!  There are others like me.  We  must stand together to fight the negativity Mental Illness has within the media.  


      My hope is through my advocating, I can help just one person feel better about themselves and to see they are no alone, to see they are worth loving and giving of love.  Maybe that one person reads my work, finds closure to an event in their own life.  Maybe they see they are not alone and they too can learn to stand up and speak.  If for anything, may the takeaway be I am finally able to release from the pain I have struggled from for so many years.


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