No one Ever Said it was Easy

It's medical, one doctor said The other says it's all in my head From all that I've read I'd be anywhere but here instead I'll even take a week in bed To not feel so dead To not feel such dread To have bright days ahead My mind has all but fled The pains so widespread Can't you see, help my cries I'm tired of living lies It's not well or otherwise Yes I get exercise Yoga for calming wise Just help me recognize don't know how to emphasize Can't there be a compromise Depression needs to minimize ©Christina M Wilmes


I caught you; looking at my arm, Perplexed look as if I'm wrong. See my dear, I detach with self-harm, Fighting all the long just to stay strong. So don't you judge me for my scars, As if you're so perfect, sitting there all prim. Sun setting softly, see darkness but no stars, The pain unleashes upon my limb. Letting go of the pain, the scratches begin Fighting back the tears, trying to hide it all Just causes the scratching harder on my skin The lies I explain, one itch and it wasn't small. A roll of the eyes, can't you just smile? No idea, walk my shoes, just one mile. © Christina M. Wilmes

If Only...

If you only knew my.. sleepless nights internal fights screwed up appetites loss of life's delights depressed parasites If you only could see.. my memories of pain know how hard to explain thoughts within my brain I wish not to retain but to smile again If you could only hear.. whimpers when I cry striving to figure out why horrific memories I identify the little girl trying to clarify she's safe now, that we certify If you could only feel.. the anger held deep within long suppressed they've been remembering details to begin healing process wears me thin just to feel safe and whole again If only you could fathom how hard it is for me, to continue a path to be free, knowing there’s no guarant

Thank You Isn't Enough

How do you say thank you to the people you have quietly read your posts, never leaving a comment but have kept you truly in theirs prayers? To those who caught you walking out of a bathroom stall, stop and asked if you REALLY were ok, letting you know if needed anything to please call anytime? The ones who have sent you supportive words in fun filled envelopes with cupcake tape, little hearts and pink stress-balls, because YES, we all need a pink stress-ball! For the beautiful bible verses which are so perfect for my Bible verse journal and have a special touch of my grandmother within then, who may have not passed her painting skill to her grandchildren but she left a legacy for the love of

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