A Baby's Broken Heart

My baby's heart aches it's something I cannot fix, Only time can heal her loss No words or amount of hugs Will bring peace to the mix. I hate when my kids hurt, knowing there's nothing I can do. But be there for them loving as any other day Supporting to get them through. I wish I could take the pain, that fills her heart so much. Her first love of 4 months walked away leaving her with nothing to clutch. I wish I could make her see time will heal this saddended frown. She will bounce back stronger rally with friends and confidonts, to erase the days of down. © Christina M. Wilmes

Days of Joy

Days of joy Bless thy heart For the sadness within Though still tart Leaves room to grow Happiness shall start For beauty around Blesses thy soul Feelings of emptiness While under control The mind rejoices Awareness is whole For I’m not alone This world, we are alive Support of strangers Help us survive The daily toils Our minds do thrive © Christina M. Wilmes

God's Graces

A beautiful morning Full of Gods Grace The song of the whippoorwill The robin protecting her nest The crickets a chirping As if to start a cricket race The sounds of families Bustling about their morn Sun rising over the horizon The moon drifting into the day sky All around the beauty The bees awaken to sworn All around is Gods beauty Do you stop to take it in Do you hustle about your day Never to stop and smell the air Notice the clouds of animals If you don't should be a sin ©Christina M Wilmes

.... suicide

...suicide is not a crime, it is an unfortunate ending, often to a long battle with mental illness. When we use language like “committed,” we perpetuate a culture of blame on the victims, which makes people afraid to admit they are having thoughts about suicide. It also shames those who attempt suicide, adding to the stigma rather than providing support.


I am your eggshell, So careful is your speech. For hung on every word, As if I might reach, For an argument you say, When I explain the hurt. These deep seated pains, Not easy to divert. I'm your eggshell, Be careful as to walk, You wouldn't want the tears, You wouldn't want the balk, Cracked and broken, Fragile inside. Fears and loneliness, Are getting harder to hide. I am your eggshell, My struggle is so real Never stopped loving you Despite my lack of zeal I can't get you to behold I can't force you to see The emptiness, the cold The demons inside of me ©Christina M Wilmes

Blade of Grass

One bald of grass Stood out from the others As if to shine in the moon's light Alone and different But he didn't care Because God chose him to be One of a kind amongst all deposits And forever to shine He proudly stood One blade of grass Among all other settlings © Christina M. Wilmes

Single Raindrop Falls

A single raindrop falls to the ground no one seems to notice yet as many raindrops fall to the ground everyone run for cover. Just like the raindrops, no single life on earth can be made the same, feel the same, look the same. My life is single raindrop, no one seems to notice. Notice the quiet times as being bitchy too good to talk to anyone. Notice the tears, she's just having a bad day. Notice the irritability, she's just stressed out. However, that raindrop holds years of pain from abuse, suppressed memories and an internal ticking time bomb. Yet no one seems to notice. The cries for help over the years, all but ignored. Grow up, face the world like an adult. You insignificant little dro

God's Sunrise

The sun rises above the hill, The morning dew upon my sill, A beautiful day has come at will, Hopes for a great day to fulfill. The joys and smiles all until, Seeing your face brings a chill, For you are with me to instill, Glorious day, smell the daffodil. Let me day be of a quadrille, A waterfall of your love does spill, Into me, you've given a day of thrill, I feel your outreached hands still, Rejoicing in you, the greatest skill © Christina M Wilmes

End The Stigma

To others we have our heads in the clouds and where our emotions on our sleeves. So far from that. So I start by thanking those who have been by my side the last 8 months. You have no idea how your texts, cards, phone calls, and making me go out have affected me through this time. There. I'm admitting to the world I have Bipolar Depression. I AM NOT bipolar depression and there's a HUGE difference. So not for me but maybe a loved one of your own family. It has taken me 10 + years for doctors to listen to me, I'm not just full of anxiety (which I unfortunately have) but there was more to what I have been dealing with as far back as 14. I can't pull my head out of the clouds as I've been told


Hips don't lie, You fat dragonfly. Sink yourself deep, The swallows and weep. For hips don't lie, Have you seen your thigh? No where near runway, Do they even eat each day? Why do I compare? I can't even bear, A mirror to look, Why I don't cook, I can't stand food. It only sets the mood. For hips don't lie, You fat dragonfly. © Christina M Wilmes


Butterfly, butterfly how do your wings fair? Broken, battered, why do you care? For is it not your choice to fly? Away from pain which cause you to cry? The weight I carry is so much to bare. I'm to battered to lift myself up to the air. Poor butterfly I wish it gone. So once again your wings could make their song. © Christina M Wilmes


Down the long drive I had to walk alone Cold and frightened Sure of something I wouldn’t make it home. How could he forget me? I am only 6, I am his Lil Friend after all Chores of cleaning barns, feeding pigs, Checking the chickens, feeding cattle Where was my dad? Did he lose my brother too? Shhh, in the distance, Just a turkey in the woods. Crying to be found Again, what is that sound, Could it be the whirl of the truck motor? I think I can hear the sound of the truck He has to be rounding the corner at the cattle house, he finally remembered his Little Friend He met me with the door open, Climb in Lil Friend, I am so sorry I yelled at him How could you, I will neber neber be your friend f

Better Version of Me

Battered and alone Frightened and lil scared For what tomorrow may bring Fighting every day To get through the haze Of the yesteryears dark pain What have I become Feeling abandoned This vicious cycle must stop For help I must reach Before falling deep A Better Version of me I must become this My kids can’t suffer The loss of their mom would devastate For I’m not trying To be anything Other than a better me ©Christina M Wilmes

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