Cool Breeze

Cool breeze blows A change of seasons Coming in like the morning fog Over the river bend the bridge in a haze soft mists touch thy soul As if to speak to me This is not where you belong I hear calling of my name Blowing so gently Towards the river below Yet I hear the sounds Of which I turn around The fog lifts slowly For I can begin to see My calling is not complete It’s not my time The breeze pushes me onward © cmwilmes

Just Tired

Tired of trying Tired of pain Tired of broken hearts Help Is what I need Is what my child needs And I can’t seem to find answers Lost Don’t know where to turn It’s always the wrong way Dead ends and stop signs Nothing felt Hope gone Worthiness ruined Spirit killed Tired © cmwilmes

I am with You

God said, I am with you always! She questioned how this could be, the young woman looked so frazzled. But she she heard his words, As the morning sun shining through the clouds dazzled. The drops of dew on the morning grass glistening for you to smile. The birds singing their joyous tunes are the songs to brighten your miles. The giggle of your child so you know they are okay. The kiss of your spouse letting you know he’s your way. I send you signs all day long Open your eyes child, hear my song The young woman smiled so gently As she listens to his words so intently. © cmwilmes

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