Standing in the Rain

Standing in the rain, On a cold November day. Trying to contain, Composure, keep tears away. My eyes slowly swell. The pain at the forefront. It’s a living hell. Wishing I could shunt. These feelings begone. Harder the rain falls, Emotions withdrawn, Wanting to give up, hitting walls. Wanting it all to stop. I’m ready to just drop. © cmwilmes


Sitting under thunderclouds The rain about to begin Sadness within thy heart Emptiness within For a victim cannot rest Weary, ran down thin From exhaustion of the pain Thy continually feel therein A survivor of the violence Against thy fragile skin Hope and prayers do hold Eternally do bare thy perpetrators sin © cmwilmes

Sitting Outside

Sitting Outside Cool breeze through my hair Thinking about life Everything we bear Some days are good Some days are great But not all of the joy Is always so straight The sorrows of a death Or the loss of friendship Sometimes just too much We seem to lose our grip Sadness and depression Can slowly consume Our most inner being We are overcome with gloom We must look up Keep a smile on our face For joy is still within our hearts We only need to keep pace © cmwilmes

Middle of the Night

3:13 I can’t sleep Visions so deep Thoughts in between Where’d we go wrong A daughter lost Help at any cost Trying to remain strong I can’t see why Things are so inapt How do we adapt Before the final goodbye To all her potential To all her hopes, dreams Her goals they don’t seem Help is essential I pray this night The strength from God I can no longer prod Intervention in sight Pray for us please A daughter slipping away For I can’t sleep on this day Pray for guidance to help her see ©Christina M Wilmes

Tree Stand Gun Range

Here I️ sit in a tree stand A gun given to me Probably not the safest idea To be left alone with such device As all it takes is one bad memory To trigger my emotions Feelings of unworthiness Unsupported, uncaring cruel world But I️ think of my children My love I️ have for them They need their momma And she needs to hold onto them The gun still sits unloaded On a chair next to me Today it is not my time Today it is not my day © Christina M Wilmes

Walking Fields of Gold

hrough the fields of gold, Softly brushing tops of wheat. A beautiful sight to behold, Smells, ever so sweet. Thinking, As life before me unfolds, Knowing I️ can’t be beat, For my faith I️ do hold, Until my life hath complete. Smelling, Incense of fall around, Wind blowing ever so gently, Beauty falls upon the ground, I am focused so intently. Hearing, Songs of birds to be found, Singing together equivalently, For in prayer for I️ am bound, Speaking my sins so penitently. © Christina M. Wilmes

Riley Girl

A rescue from the pound, So small and scrawny. The immediate attraction, I knew you'd be my answer. My Sweet Riley Girl. To lonely days, Sleepless nights So excited when I come home At dinner you're by my side My Sweet Riley Girl Throughout the house you follow, Never wavering in your love My Yoga Partner My weed picking companion My Sweet Riley Girl My world of happiness All by a gentle hug and kiss You wish away the stress That always horrors my day My Sweet Riley Girl © cmwilmes

Lost in a World

Lost in a world Of cruel intentions Sadness and hatred Everywhere we turn Feelings of hopelessness Battered, alone Self worth diminishing Spirits crushed Love and understanding Seem so far away The hearts of all Hurting within © cmwilmes 2017

Unsupported Spouse

Between the medication, the argumentative snares, Reading up on information, Bipolar Depression has much to bear. I’m your embarrassment, The wife who isn’t right. It’s a displacement, For you to deal with my fight. You refuse to feel, Or try to understand. For this is not ideal, This is such a demand. My ups and my downs, Are your bane of existence. The smiles to frowns, You offer no assistance. Do you realize? How low you make me? Feel it’s just not idealized, For a spouse to want to be. An invisible illness, So few want to know. Feeling your stillness, Hurts so bad though. I won’t get better, Forever I’m labeled. It’s your choice, I’m the debtor, Forever to be disabled. © cmwilmes

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