Tender and kind A breath of fresh air Her smile lit a room You could sense for miles She had a warmth Of no other kind Her caring ways Made you number one When in her allure She fought a battle Sisters by her side Through remission The precious smile When she rang the bell She never lost faith For she knew her time was short Yet she never withered in sorrow A fight so strong Until she was called home That cold December day She reigns with the angels For an angel among us all Those who knew her well To those who didn’t Have the chance to really Experience Her beauty she portrayed Forever in our hearts Our dear sweet Pam I offer up to you, 9:27 pm a shot in your honor For t


Another wonderful collaboration with the talented Zachary Bowman. Photo Credit: @ZacharyBowmanPhotography Caved in beauty She smiles so sweetly As the snow falls On a winter day. All the worries of the light Vanish with a glimpse Of tomorrow so profound Within her spirit Joyfully she dances As if the world is hers alone Playfully among the fallen Snowflakes from above No one in sight To experience her joy For she alone Encompasses the allure Of the vision within ©Christina M. Wilmes March 2018


Collaboration with a local photographer, FB @zaharybowmanphotography, Twitter @notbowmanz and Instagram @bowmanzachary Check his work out. It’s amazing!! Photo credit: © ZacharyBowmanPhotography 2018 “Stars” In the far distance you can see A glimmer of hope Twinkling among the night sky. Beauty holding so far away As the world moves forward Never really stopping to take In the glorious canvas painted Before thy eyes. What partakes in the magnificent wee hours Of the darkness we have yet to know? The silence of the dusk Watching over the little ones below Calmly sleeping So peacefully in dreams. The innocence of a child The love of a mother Peaking in on her loved one So sound slumbe


Sorrow will enter Into your life at times. Remember the love For life you’ve always Grasped when times Are down. As you grow Circumstances will change. You must throw your faith Into all you know, Time will heal all heartbreaks. To one another, Be tender hearted. For anger and aggression Will only add to affliction. You’re a beautiful soul, So much to offer the world. Look deep, Search your inner most being There you’ll find happiness. Close your eyes Sleep with peace in your heart. Come morning break The clouds will part, Sunshine will prevail. © Christina M. Wilmes March 2018

All in a Name

When David Allen Coe would come on, Lil Friend would be shouted through the House. It was our cue, Meet in the kitchen, It was our dance. David Allen Coe, It was Our Song. I’d step upon his boots, Left hand behind his waist, His gentle hand would meet My small delicate one. There in the small area, Surrounded by an audience of one, We’d dance, belting out Our Song, “You Never Even Called Me by my Name” He was my Big Friend, He was my daddy, Dancing there, In our kitchen, Where nothing else mattered. The only time he’d let the phone ring, For our time together Lasted only a brief Five minutes, 12 seconds, But in in that brief moment where I was His Lil Friend nothing else was

Mother and Daughter

It’s never been an easy road, My mom and I. We’ve had more than anyone’s Share of fights. But somehow we always manage, To fall back to our roots, Mother and daughter. Over the years we’ve Become distant yet friends. We encountered hardships And pain, sorrows to break The strongest of hearts. But God watched over us, Mother and daughter. We had led a road of Pure distraction never seeing Eye to eye. Through disagreements, Stronghold stubbornness, We surpassed the evils, Mother and daughter. Through the grace of God We came to our senses Realizing we are one, the same. A fairy tail no longer, for a bond so strong, God to make stronger, Mother and daughter. ©Christina M. Wilmes


It’s spoken in the book, “The thought of my pain, my homelessness, is bitter poison. I think of it constantly, and my spirit is depressed.” Yet the spirt no longer feels the sorrow it once clutched. Joy, happiness beyond these are true to the inner breathe of the deepest part of my bosom. Since finding the Spirit to sink my inner most sorrows, I’ve found the love for life once shared as a small child. No longer the pains of growth consume my disposition, finding peace within the walls of my being. ©Christina M. Wilmes March 2018


“Spring” Sitting outside on a beautiful winter day, feeling like spring. The air still crisp with smells of spring around the corner. The robins, blooming with little nestlings in their tummies. The grass, turning beautiful shades of green. Flowers, beginning to bud precious lil nectars. Bees out buzzing about as if to dance within the breeze. All the signs of spring ringing throughout this wonderful winter day. ©Christina M. Wilmes March 2018

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