She Danced

Only 3 feet tall She gazed upon her mother With eyes so bright As if she was looking above to an angel Softly she spoke A sweet little voice “I want to dance mommy” “ I want to float up into the sky” “To see the angels in person” “To dance with them in the clouds” “To giggle upon the daylight” “Can I do this mommy?” She asked Her mother looked so preciously At her child standing before With a smile so bright Swooping her little girl up Swinging her around the room “Dance we shall my little one” “To the angels above the breeze!” And so it began A love for dance filled her heart And with every recital she grew Closer and closer to reaching her sky For there are no limits When y

For All My Days to Come

I’ll watch you as you grow, I’ll be happy for your success, I’ll always hold you close, For all my days to come. I’ll miss you when your gone, I’ll cherish the moments we had, I’ll love you in my heart, For all my days to come. I’ll never regret one moment, I’ll remember all our time, I’ll forever be your mom, For all my days to come. © cmwilmes

Rough Day

Had a rough day? No ship to sail away? Skies look grey? No time to even play? Come what may, Let all things lay, Feel the breeze sway, On soft waves underway. © cmwilmes

Blue Bliss

“Blue Bliss” I started with a blank canvas Not sure what to paint Not feeling the day Or the happiness along the way Black spoke to me Dark and empty like my mind It spattered across the board With no sense of reward I stared at my work Not knowing what was next Then I heard a beautiful voice It was with that I had a choice Remain in a somber state Let the darkness make a mess Or bring an impression From a world of deep depression It was then I decided To not give into the emotion But to fill my heart with laughter Of which to enjoy long after So to you I present My garden of blue bliss A rose picked from the dark Where depression left no mark © cmwilmes

Stand Out

I stare at a blank canvas As the storm clouds roll in What could be of my day Portrayed upon this empty slate A passing of time A moment lost in space A memory long forgotten The paints gaze at me As if I know they place The brushes sit quietly The skies open up I sense their calling To stand out in the morning Pronouncing their strength The paints start to flow Upon a slate so clean The rumbles of thunder Rain down against my chest Color so dreary spreads like fire Across the canvas so smooth The rain pauses yet I take no notice Filling the canvas The paints talk to me As if I’m to listen to the hand above Flooding the work before me Blending the water about the trees The r

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