“Despair to Beauty”

Don’t close your eyes Not on this night Foresee the beauty you behold Once out of despair Shines the allure of goodness A twinkle, a glimmer Hope lays before thee Surrounded by grace Flowing eternally within For all the world to see Don’t lay in despair Don’t think there’s no where to turn Let the light held deep amid Guide your very move Towards the being meant to sparkle For out of despair Comes the beauty you hold A brilliance glistening Yearning to be set free Among the stars of night Keep that beauty close Never forget your worth Always remember to smile A new day is yet moments away You were made to be golden © cmwilmes August 13, 2018

The Artist

I’ll never be the artist I see myself to be The whimsical talent Of those of the past Speak to me Yet I cannot define my talent About the easel I’ll never be the artist I see myself to be As I continue to attempt All my passion into the canvas Layer by layer Color by color Still I see failure I’ll never be the artist I see myself to be For I’ve even the time To devote To one thing That brings me An eternal comfort I’ll never be the artist I see myself to be So longing for the art To take presence Upon the blank canvas Self worth before me Waiting for life The artist within Yearns for knowledge Of blending And shaping Breath into a piece So exquisite So full of energ

“Passing of an Angel”

Throughout the journey Of our lives She’s been by our side Holding our hands Wiping away tears From the wounds We often would feel She’s shared her love of life Her faith, she never set aside She shared joys and laughter She taught us many values She placed her trust in us For never did she waver No matter at any cost Proud of all our accomplishments A rock when we hit bumps A voice of much reason A heart of solid gold Truly an angel The world a better place For having the time we have spent Blessed with memories we hold true For God has called her home A void we all feel But our hearts share the warmth She spread through me and you Godspeed Geraldine "Geri" Marie We love you with all our

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