Be Kind

I’m sorry but calling a death by suicide, “a committed suicide senseless act”... you are saying in other meanings stupid or foolish, lacking mental perception, meaningless. I understand and have sadness in my heart for those who truly DO NOT understand Mental Illness. It’s hard to get up everyday. It’s hard to let go of what the feeling and sensation that brings you down. To those who have never been molested.... raped...abused...bullied or violated in some way. To those who never had to worry what others thought of you or what they could see through your eyes. Take a step back and #bekind. Yes it’s hard to lose someone in such a sudden manner. It’s hard to comprehend the loss when d

Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean Hues of blue Being strong Fighting an invisible illness Being me pains me daily Through anxiety, bipolar II Depression to panic attacks Too many for one person. A catalog of medications. Sleepless nights. Long enduring days. To drown amidst the waves. So deep. Shelter me sea so deep. Be my demise. Cover my wounds Swirls of relief. Pardon the wrong doers. Forgive the assault. Live days of peace. Far beneath.

Shades of Hue

Life isn’t full of shades of hue, Never knowing those around us, May be going through. We live about in black and white, Never realizing options Many choose by night. Clear from prejudice bias Open your mind, For the world is full of heartache, Of hate so designed. The cover of darkness, Blinds only the weak. Unsure of the tomorrow’s, Live fully, be alive and meek. Sing a new song! Reach out to those who weep, Mental illness is a bastard, For many buried so deep. © cmwilmes September 4, 2018

Time III

Time heals all souls Buried beneath the rubble Of torn yesterday’s False identities And troubled recollection. Time A ticking unit we measure So short in reality We cannot conceive her truth. Can we withstand The moment we face When reality meets the hour We must disguise of actuality? Do we turn our hearts Away from the certainty We know in our appreciation? What shall we give Of this time We stand alone facing In a world so broken We can’t see past the tomorrow? Stares into the future As we relive the past Only to see eventually Time heals all souls. ©Christina M. Wilmes April 2018

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