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© 2018 by Christina M. Wilmes, Peace in Artworks. Proudly created with Wix.com

November 29, 2017

Standing in the rain,

On a cold November day.

Trying to contain,

Composure, keep tears away.

My eyes slowly swell.

The pain at the forefront.

It’s a living hell.

Wishing I could shunt.

These feelings begone.

Harder the rain falls,

Emotions withdrawn,

Wanting to give up, hitting w...

November 29, 2017

Sitting under thunderclouds

The rain about to begin

Sadness within thy heart

Emptiness within

For a victim cannot rest

Weary, ran down thin

From exhaustion of the pain

Thy continually feel therein

A survivor of the violence

Against thy fragile skin

Hope and prayers do hold


November 29, 2017

Sitting Outside

Cool breeze through my hair

Thinking about life

Everything we bear

Some days are good

Some days are great

But not all of the joy

Is always so straight

The sorrows of a death

Or the loss of friendship

Sometimes just too much

We seem to lose our grip

Sadness and depr...

November 29, 2017


I can’t sleep

Visions so deep

Thoughts in between

Where’d we go wrong

A daughter lost

Help at any cost

Trying to remain strong

I can’t see why

Things are so inapt

How do we adapt

Before the final goodbye

To all her potential

To all her hopes, dreams

Her goals they don’t seem