Unsupported Spouse

Between the medication,

the argumentative snares,

Reading up on information,

Bipolar Depression has much to bear.

I’m your embarrassment,

The wife who isn’t right.

It’s a displacement,

For you to deal with my fight.

You refuse to feel,

Or try to understand.

For this is not ideal,

This is such a demand.

My ups and my downs,

Are your bane of existence.

The smiles to frowns,

You offer no assistance.

Do you realize?

How low you make me?

Feel it’s just not idealized,

For a spouse to want to be.

An invisible illness,

So few want to know.

Feeling your stillness,

Hurts so bad though.

I won’t get better,

Forever I’m labeled.

It’s your choice, I’m the debtor,

Forever to be disabled.

© cmwilmes

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