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© 2018 by Christina M. Wilmes, Peace in Artworks. Proudly created with Wix.com

A Journey Starts with a Single Step

September 1, 2017

A journey starts with a single step
I can move forward
With each and every breath 
Keeping my focus on God toward 

Years past from abuse 
For I never felt safe 
My guard always up 
My innocence chafe

We moved to the city 
New school, new friends
Jeanna and Jennifer were sisters
Sibling rivalry always on the mend

A journey starts with a single step
New Friends to make
With each and every breath 
Friendships process of give and take 

We fast became friends 
In the middle of third grade year
Sleep overs and summer boat rides
Our friendship was very clear

Until that horrid day in 1988
The 9th of October to be exact
A call from a classmate Amanda
Jeanna wouldn't be coming back 

A journey starts with a single step
How can we move on from tragedy 
With each and every breath
A friendship through atrophy 

We were only in 8th grade
How did any of us even know 
The pain Jeanna felt deep down
The truth she was gone, the blow

I still recall the pastor 
Saying she was a troubled child
He never even really knew her 
How could he say something so defiled 

A journey starts with a single step
We will find a way to be strong 
With each and every breath 
Keeping friendships where they belong

What signs did we miss 
How could none of us see
The sadness within her heart
That she felt better off to not be 

She's missed daily
Family and friends think often
What Jenna could have become
But her breath hath been softened

A journey starts with a single step
Forward without my friend
With each and every breath 
May God help me mend

September is the start
Month of Suicide Prevention
Open your eyes, see the signs 
Speak up, don't let loved ones feel rejection

No family needs to go through
The pain and suffering 
To sit and wonder what went wrong
The loss has no covering

Listen to your children
Your spouse or your child
You are not alone my dear
Fill your heart with hope and beguiled 

A journey starts with a single step
One foot in front each day
There's going to be sad ones
But I promise Happy will come your way


©Christina M Wilmes

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