Down the long drive

I had to walk alone

Cold and frightened

Sure of something

I wouldn’t make it home.

How could he forget me?

I am only 6,

I am his Lil Friend after all

Chores of cleaning barns, feeding pigs,

Checking the chickens, feeding cattle

Where was my dad?

Did he lose my brother too?

Shhh, in the distance,

Just a turkey in the woods.

Crying to be found

Again, what is that sound,

Could it be the whirl of the truck motor?

I think I can hear the sound of the truck

He has to be rounding the corner

at the cattle house, he finally remembered

his Little Friend

He met me with the door open,

Climb in Lil Friend, I am so sorry

I yelled at him

How could you,

I will neber neber be your friend for as long as I live

YOU Forgot ME!

Don’t ever forget me again!

©Christina M Wilmes

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