Single Raindrop Falls

A single raindrop falls to the ground

no one seems to notice

yet as many raindrops fall to the ground

everyone run for cover.

Just like the raindrops,

no single life on earth can be made the same,

feel the same, look the same.

My life is single raindrop,

no one seems to notice.

Notice the quiet times as being bitchy

too good to talk to anyone.

Notice the tears, she's just having a bad day.

Notice the irritability, she's just stressed out.

However, that raindrop holds

years of pain from abuse,

suppressed memories and an

internal ticking time bomb.

Yet no one seems to notice.

The cries for help over the years, all but ignored.

Grow up, face the world like an adult.

You insignificant little drop.

©Christina M Wilmes

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