Kindness goes a long way. It's the little smiles to loved ones, phone calls to a friend, a "Hello" text to let someone know you are thinking of them.

Numbers 6:25 "May the LORD be kind and gracious to you."

Being kind isn't always the easiest thing to do either. When someone hurts you, it's human nature to hold a grudge, to be upset, hard to turn the other cheek. But maybe, just maybe, they are suffering internal pain and it comes out in the forms of hatred or being stand offish. We must learn to live by the Grace of God and love no matter the circumstance. We must learn to walk away, turn cheek and forgive. When it comes to our families, sometimes that kindness is harder to show. It shouldn’t be, they are OUR family, OUR loved ones, the ONES that NEVER leave our side, through thick and thin, good and bad. A bad day should not leave our loved ones feeling any less of themselves.

I show more kindness to friends because I am so afraid to lose them sometimes. When I should concentrate more on family! For 2018, I am working to be more loving, more kind, more open to listen to my own family before jumping to a quick conclusion. I must let them know they are loved, they are cared for and how blessed I am to have been chosen to be their family.

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