Memories of Gamma Phi Beta

And so it started way back in 1874

Four beautiful women with a heart to adore.

To Promote the Highest Type of Womanhood

A simple motto, for a life to lead every woman should.

And so on that day, November 11, a sorority began of Gamma Phi (Beta)

Foundation of Love, Labor, Loyalty and Learning until the day they die.

Slowly the Chapters did grow year by year,

With the most special to me, Founded Upon a Rock right here.

An Expansion to SEMO, a Labor of Love,

Zeta Delta of course, the one I dear speak of.

As memories and friendships started to grow,

We shared a sisterhood we would always know.

A new chapter in our life for us to connect,

Laughter and smiles to be the greatest effect.

A place to call home for us to shine,

Zeta Delta was ours, a colony to define.

Never knowing as founding mothers our greatest impact,

Would prove to be the amazing girls we would attract.

For each sister, on a different life’s course,

Our Installation day, we choose the Carousel Horse.

Within in our Circle, Standing strong for our individuality,

Wishing the for years, Our chapter to grow full of personality.

Upon a Solid Foundation of Rock,

Together under Our Crescent Moon forever we will walk

Amazing how the memory of Gamma Phi will last

From Four Beautiful Women, all from our past.

~Christina Lefers Wilmes


(c) cmw 4/2014

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