All in a Name

When David Allen Coe would come on, Lil Friend would be shouted through the House. It was our cue, Meet in the kitchen, It was our dance. David Allen Coe, It was Our Song. I’d step upon his boots, Left hand behind his waist, His gentle hand would meet My small delicate one. There in the small area, Surrounded by an audience of one, We’d dance, belting out Our Song, “You Never Even Called Me by my Name” He was my Big Friend, He was my daddy, Dancing there, In our kitchen, Where nothing else mattered. The only time he’d let the phone ring, For our time together Lasted only a brief Five minutes, 12 seconds, But in in that brief moment where I was His Lil Friend nothing else was more important. Time stopped, Dancing upon his feet, Gliding across the floor Never wanting it to end, Dancing with Big Friend, My hero, my daddy. © Christina M. Wilmes March 2018

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