Collaboration with a local photographer, FB @zaharybowmanphotography, Twitter @notbowmanz and Instagram @bowmanzachary 

Check his work out. It’s amazing!! 

Photo credit: 

© ZacharyBowmanPhotography


“Stars” In the far distance you can see A glimmer of hope Twinkling among the night sky. Beauty holding so far away As the world moves forward Never really stopping to take In the glorious canvas painted Before thy eyes. What partakes in the magnificent wee hours Of the darkness we have yet to know? The silence of the dusk Watching over the little ones below Calmly sleeping So peacefully in dreams. The innocence of a child The love of a mother Peaking in on her loved one So sound slumbering Beneath the allure Of the Stars. ©Christina M. Wilmes March 2018

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