Be Kind

I’m sorry but calling a death by suicide, “a committed suicide senseless act”... you are saying in other meanings stupid or foolish, lacking mental perception, meaningless. I understand and have sadness in my heart for those who truly DO NOT understand Mental Illness. It’s hard to get up everyday. It’s hard to let go of what the feeling and sensation that brings you down. To those who have never been molested.... raped...abused...bullied or violated in some way. To those who never had to worry what others thought of you or what they could see through your eyes. Take a step back and #bekind. Yes it’s hard to lose someone in such a sudden manner. It’s hard to comprehend the loss when death is by choice. But they didn’t commit a crime.... NOT by law or in THEIR EYES. It’s the Illness. It’s the loss of all feeling. It’s the emotion of feeling nothing that eventually eats away so deeply the individual sees no way out. They just want the pain to go away. You can tell people to talk to someone all day long but until that person feels safe they won’t open up. They won’t reach out. They won’t survive. I have lost a loved one to taking her life. I still mourn her today, 29 years later. I question as you do how I couldn’t see it. Why I didn’t see the signs. How I couldn’t have helped stop the loss. All I am saying in a long winded post, if you have never walked that individuals shoes, Do not judge them. They ARE at peace with God and he forgives. So should you. For those ready to reach out, you have a safe zone here at my home. Plenty of Ice Cream. Cookies or whatever. Tv in abundance. Crazy dog to play with. Silly kids to make you laugh. If you’re not ready to find a safe zone. Know you are NOT ALONE. People care. People love you and your future WILL be bright. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline '1-800-273-TALK (8255)' is a great avenue along with many other organizations willing to stop what they are doing to help. #bestrong #beyou #keepshining and most of all #neverletANYONEdullYOURsparkle 

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