There are many chapters Throughout of lives From toddlerhood to Keeping up with the latest toys Fighting through our teen years Learning to adult in our twenties Choosing a career and meeting our love Marriage and becoming a parent in our thirties Losing your sense of freedom And never looking back As your schedule now revolves Around the patter of young-ins Soon your celebrating forty Reliving your years through the Eyes of your young child Experiencing the joys and sorrows along the way Before you know it Fifty is around the corner Planning for college or weddings For your amazing offsprings Retirement is around the bend Our sixties become about finding yourself again only with a deeper and more knowledgeable state of mind Grandkids enter your door To the smells of freshly baked cookies Tons of hugs and kisses For those sweet little babies Through turmoil and days of smiles You’ve experienced the graces God bestowed upon you We enjoy front porch sitting Celebrating 55 to 60 years of marriage With the love that still melts your heart To the day we enter a new house A forever home with our Lord Thankful as you look down On all the blessings life had given Chapters are about progressing Never looking back Embracing where you’re from And living with hope for the future Each one brings us closer To a more fulfilled life Remembering the past but not living with in those days Grasping the days to come Welcoming what the world has to bring © CMWilmes 11/7/19 

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