To a Happy New Year

2019 maybe gone, New beginnings with the dawn. Years go by faster with time, To the valleys, there will be hills to climb. For all the joys and sorrows of the year, hold them tucked away in your heart with cheer. There to make one stand stronger, Hold those memories a little longer. To our weaknesses and strengths, Always there at length. Keeping us grounded for who we are, Standing bright like a 2020 star. Wishing you all a very Blessed New Year For all the Joys, and sorrows, pain and Cheer. Friends are never far with lending ear, To laughs and giggles and maybe tears. 2019, an end drew near, For 2020 has appeared, May all your dreams persevere, My wish to you with all sincere. XOXO friends, near and far Many Blessings to your inner star! Shine often, shine bright, 

and Happy New Year with all delight! 

© cmwilmes 

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