With your ups and downs

Tearing me apart

From all different directions


You knock me off my feet again

Time after time

It doesn’t stop

Somewhere the wind does blow

From the east to the west

And the trees do sway

With all hesitation

As I sit here

Waiting for a biggin to come out

I think of all the stuff

That has torn me down

As I sit here

Waiting with anticipation

I know I’ll be ok again

Ok again


You can’t win this road anymore

I will Strive on years from now

With joy and happiness


You tried to pull me down

For so long

For so long

As I sit here

Thinking about all the past

I know I’ll be strong again

Strong again

As I sit here

Knowing I’m who I’m to be

This life will proceed on

Down a road

I can’t see

But I’ll take it

With all I have

Because I know

I’ll be ok you see

So many years from now

As I look back

I’ll smile at all the obstacles

I passed

Because I know

I’m on the path you see

To a joyous ending

This life has given me

© cmwilmes


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