My Hopes.... Their Dreams

While scrolling through Facebook tonight, I stumbled across a news feed of a woman who stabbed a taxi driver. No reason, 11 times, she's being held on bond of $500,000. She just 21 years old.

One of the comments stood out to me, "quake job" referring to Mental Illness. No where in the news story was Mental Illness or Health mentioned. So I reached out to the individual through direct message and asked about their reason for "wording." This lead into over two hours of talk on DM about this individuals past with Mental Health fights in their family and their own personal fights.

We talked, we shared stories, we connected more than ever. My hopes for helping people who fight Mental Illness and others Dreams to find closure, happened tonight. I am so honored and blessed to have been trusted with such turmoil this individual is fighting. Internal demons pressure this person daily yet they are strong and have the courage to move forward. I commend them for talking and opening up tonight. At the end of the conversation they even stated they felt a little better. A smile came across my face and my heart skipped a beat. For it was I, a no one of any notoriety, just a person who has struggled Mental Illness their entire life and I, I helped someone tonight. I can't tell you the joy I feel for this person to be able to open up to a stranger about their story. I honor them tonight.

For just one person, one story told, it can open the lines of communication. I have shared my story and this person felt it was me they needed to talk to about theirs. I offered advice and explained I know how hard it is to take advice, even give advice. But we listened to each other, we helped each other, we bonded. All over Facebook direct message. We may never meet, I know we probably won't. But we have a connection that can't be broken.

I wish them peace in their life. I wish them closure. I wish them the best #BecauseTheyMatter !

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