Strength within Mental Health

I am Christina. For most my life I struggled with no answers. No answers for feeling hopeless. For feeling overly emotional. For feeling alone and desperate. For years, I‘ve suffered days of turmoil, crying for no reason and feeling just downright worthless. It’s the worst feeling especially when you are surrounded by so many loved ones.

We all know of the Stigma behind Mental Illness. What people need to understand, those suffering are their own person, a gift from God, who happens to struggle for reasons beyond their control which have effected their lives In so many ways. Effected with isolation, phobias, loss of jobs, loss of friends, even loss of family through divorce or separation.

What we, who suffer, want you to know is we aren’t our illness. Just like those who suffer from Cancer are not their disease. Now, I am only speaking from experience. I cannot speak for all. From my own experiences, our illness may control our daily lives but deep down we fight to make it a day worth living. Just to get out of bed is a struggle (for many). The fears of what lie ahead in that day can be overwhelming. Going to work can cause extreme anxiety and panic (for so many). Being in a social environment can be crushing.

What I ask you to consider is empathy. Don't feel sorry for those who suffer a Mental Illness. Offer them love and most of all SUPPORT. We were all born to Sparkle. And we should never take away anyone's SPARKLE.

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