The Best is Yet to Come

A beautiful young woman, who’s life taken too soon, had a better grasp of heaven than any of us can imagine. She wasn’t scared for the next chapter in her life. She was ready to embrace the unknown as she knew something better was coming. She was ready!

Many of us go through our daily lives, never giving thought to what is to come. Many concentrate on the now and the past, which brings those who suffer Mental Illness even more anxiety and depression. It’s hard in this state, to realize a better life is to come.

Many, who perceive their life in that moment, will never see a better light. Never see or to know an outcome. Never to know God has a plan for them more important than the heartache they suffer in the now.

The Best is Yet to come! I have lived through the treacherous teen age years. I self harmed and thought of leaving the world.

My best friend took her life at the early age of 13. Never will I forget her sweet face, her beautiful smile, her loving family. I see her occasionally in the stars or the clouds. It makes me smile to know she’s happy and looking over those she left behind.

The Best is Yet to Come! It’s hard not to live In a past that so devastated ones being. It’s hard not to see a brighter road but know God does have a plan for you!

Keep believing in yourself through it all, the lows, the heartache, the feelings of worthlessness because you are NOT only worth it, the best truly is yet to come!

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.

And just remember ...

The BEST is yet to come!

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