The Quarter

The man stepped onto

the bus, carrying only

enough change 

for just one ride.

He tipped his hat

to the driver, 

handed his change,

explained he had

just enough

to get him to the store.

The driver held out a hand

warmly taking the man's change.

"I'll get you there kind sir,

except you gave me too much.”

The man looked 

into the driver's eyes

as he was handed

a shiny new quarter.

He quietly took his seat,

looking into his hand,

pondering how his ride

only cost a quarter.

For he knew it was 

fifty cents to ride

to the store.  

He couldn't figure out

how he gave too much.

The bus rolled

to a quiet stop.

The driver said,

"Here is your stop,

I will see you in an hour."

As the man rose from his seat,

he realized just what

the driver had done.

He tipped his hat,

smiled at the driver

graciously saying,

"I'll see you for the 

ride home"

(c) Christina M. Wilmes

When loves ones are quietly suffering from internal demons, it’s hard for them to express, nor do they want to express, their feelings.

Reach out and be their quarter. We all can make a difference. Just a small jester of love or friendship, letting them know you care, can make such an impact in an individual’s life you may never know or understand.

A card, a phone call, a text... be their Quarter.

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